Fall 2020 Webinar Series

Our Fall 2020 Webinar Series attracted more than 700 registrants from over 70 countries. Links to the recordings and slides are available below. Please join our email list to stay tuned for our 2021 webinars and virtual sessions! 

Lessons From the NICU During COVID-19  Presentations from Awanti Sambarey, Chris and Felicia Sears, Whitney Robinson, Susan Hwang, Elizabeth Rogers, Diana Montoya-Williams, Jennifer Canvasser, moderated by John Zupancic.

Cardiac NEC
Presentations by Jennifer Canvasser, Melissa Dlugolecki, Amy Hair, Kaitlin L’Italien, Steven McElroy, Patrick McNamara, moderated by Ravi Mangal Patel. The recording and slides are available here.

Long-term NEC Outcomes
A short time after recording this webinar on long-term NEC outcomes, our presenter, Dr. Ira Adams-Chapman unexpectedly passed away. Dr. Adams-Chapman was a kind, compassionate advocate for infants and children, and devoted her career towards conducting research on the neurodevelopmental outcome of infants with complications of prematurity, such as necrotizing enterocolitis. She is survived by her two children. Our thoughts are with Ira’s family. Donations in honor of Dr. Adams-Chapman can be made to ChapmanFamilyFoundation.net. The webinar recording and slides are available. 

The NEC Society was established in 2014 and is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building a world without NEC. Necrotizing enterocolitis is a devastating intestinal disease that primarily affects premature and medically fragile infants. The NEC Society is a multidisciplinary, collaborative organization that brings together patient-families and clinician-scientists committed to improving outcomes for our most vulnerable babies.

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