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The NEC Society is grateful to the generous community of families, organizations, foundations, and corporations that make our work possible. We rely on charitable donations of all sizes to advance our vision of a world without necrotizing enterocolitis. Check out the stories below to learn why families just like yours are investing in the NEC Society.

You can join us in building a world without this devastating disease by becoming a donor. 

Mebane Family Portrait

Mebane Family

We lost our daughter Makenna a few weeks after she was diagnosed with NEC. We had never heard of necrotizing enterocolitis prior to her diagnosis. We donate in honor of Makenna and hope that no other family has to lose their baby to this disease. We also feel confident donating knowing that our money is being used responsibly.

Canvasser Family Portrait

Canvasser Family

The NEC Society has given our family a way to stay connected to our son Micah, who died from complications of necrotizing enterocolitis just before his 1st birthday. We are grateful for the opportunity to donate to the NEC Society in honor of Micah and help improve outcomes for other babies just like him. We love knowing that our contributions are helping to accelerate NEC research, advocacy, and education. 

Mark L. Kovler

Mark L. Kovler | The Judy and Peter Blum Kovler Foundation

We are proud to support the NEC Society in building a world without NEC. As a surgical trainee, I have seen first-hand the devastating effects of this disease on our most fragile patients, but also the promising discoveries that will lead to prevention, treatment, and improved lives for patients with NEC. The NEC Society is the perfect organization to combine the voices of patients and families, and researchers and clinicians, all dedicated to building a world without NEC.

Green Family 

For our family, the NEC Society represents hope in the midst of apparent helplessness and community in the midst of apparent isolation. The organization does not only listen to our concerns—it will launch full-blown initiatives to address them, which demonstrates that it really does prioritize caring for the needs of patient-families. It is an honor to be able to help enable the NEC Society to continue to serve as a beacon for anyone impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis, regardless of what stage of the journey they are on.

Gu Family Portrait

Gu Family 

When our son Henry passed away from NEC in 2019, we were distraught and desperately wanted to give his death some more meaning. One of my coworkers suggested we donate to NEC Society as a tribute, so we started a fundraising campaign and received overwhelming support from our family and friends. We hope the NEC Society’s tireless efforts will continue to increase awareness about this obscure disease and bring us ever closer to a cure. 

Maheshwari Family

We are emotionally vested in finding a solution to necrotizing enterocolitis. As someone who has devoted the last 15 years to clinical work and research focused on NEC, we understand the devastation that it causes. We understand the emotional heartache each time a family loses a child to this disease. We are committed to supporting the NEC Society so we can help better understand why this disease occurs and what we can do to better prevent, intervene, and treat it.

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