International Partners

The NEC Society is proud to partner with charities around the globe who share our vision of building a world without NEC. Together, our organizations work hand-in-hand to raise awareness, drive NEC research, and improve outcomes for our most vulnerable babies. We collaborate on World NEC Awareness Day, the NEC Society’s biennial Symposiums, and patient-centered NEC research. Please join us in supporting these remarkable charities.

The Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros (PGG) Institute is based in Brazil and led by Simone Rosito, who serves as an international advisor to the NEC Society. PGG offers psychological support to families impacted by NEC, while also driving NEC awareness and research. PGG was established in 2016 to honor sweet baby Tom. You can learn more about PGG here.

The NEC United Kingdom charity is led by parents who have been personally affected by NEC, with support from a multidisciplinary team of medical advisers. Susan Spencer founded NEC UK and retired from her position as chair in 2020. Marie Spruce now chairs NEC UK and collaborates closely with other dedicated families and clinicians. You can learn more about NEC UK here.

The Special Interest Group in Necrotizing Enterocolitis (SIGNEC) is a conference that takes place in the United Kingdom and was initiated by Minesh Khashu who leads SIGNEC with support from Joanne Ferguson, who lost her son Guy to the disease. SIGNEC was established in 2012 to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration to optimize research and improvements in practice globally. You can learn more about SIGNEC here.

The NEC Alliance is based in Australia and was established in 2019 by Ashleigh Grant, who lost her daughter Matilda to this devastating disease. Ashleigh participated in the NEC Symposium in Ann Arbor and was inspired to bring Australia into the international effort to build a world without necrotizing enterocolitis. Please join us in welcoming and supporting the NEC Alliance here.

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