Join the NEC Society’s Online Support Community

The NEC Society has teamed up with Inspire to launch the online support community for families impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis. NEC Society Connects provides impacted families with a sense of community throughout their journey.

Join NEC Society Connects now

NEC Society Connects

Necrotizing enterocolitis is an incredibly complex and often devastating disease, leaving impacted families feeling isolated and alone. Families need a safe space to share experiences and find support.

When families impacted by NEC join NEC Society Connects they will find support, compassion, and inspiration from this gracious community.

Families are encouraged to join the NEC Society Connects community at any point during their journey, including families who are:

  • Concerned that their fragile infant is at risk of NEC
  • Experiencing their baby’s diagnosis of NEC
  • Have a child diagnosed with NEC
  • Have lost a child to NEC
  • Have a child who survived NEC
  • Now an adult living with complications of NEC

We welcome everyone to NEC Society Connects and look forward to building this community together. Please encourage families impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis to join by visiting:

About Inspire 

Inspire ( is the leading healthcare social network, with a mission to accelerate medical progress through a world of connected patients. Partnering with over 100 nonprofit patient advocacy organizations, including the American Lung Association, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, and the Lupus Foundation of America, Inspire creates and manages support communities for more than one million patients and caregivers, representing more than 3,600 health conditions.

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