Volunteer Opportunity: Work with your local NICU

Help get our NEC educational materials to families who need them by working with your local NICU.
Survey data shows that 65% of parents were unsatisfied with the NEC information they were given in the NICU. Families need information to be able to make the best choices for their baby.
Time committment: 1-2 hours

STEP 1: Download the two posters below.

STEP 2: Email or call your local NICU. Tell them that you are a volunteer for the NEC Society and ask if they would be willing to display our educational posters. You can either email them for the NICU staff to print or you can print them yourself and drop them off. The posters are available in both 8.5 x 11 size and 11 x 17 size. The larger size gets more attention, you can have these printed at a local copy shop. Alternatively, you can print the smaller version on your home printer. When you email your NICU, be sure to include the NEC Society’s website address www.NECsociety.org, so the NICU staff can check it out!

STEP 3: Email Erin at Erin@NECsociety.org to let us know your NICU has our poster displayed. If possible, include a photo of the poster hung up in the NICU- we love to see our posters in action!

STEP 4: Once our NEC Symposium digital brochure is available (this winter), email it to your NICU staff and ask them to share it with the medical staff. Maybe we will see them at the Symposium!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to protect preemies from NEC!

Care Partners 11 x 17

Download “Parents are Care Partners” poster, 8.5 x 11 size

Download “Parents are Care Partners” poster, 11 x 17 size

Human Milk poster 11 x 17

Download “Preemies Need Human Milk” poster, 8.5 x 11 size

Download “Preemies Need Human Milk” poster, 11 x 17 size


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