Volunteer Opportunity: Raise NEC Awareness

Help to Establish a NEC Awareness Day
Time committment: flexible

Necrotizing enterocolitis affects 5-10% of babies born weighing less than 1,500 grams. Despite significant advances in neonatal care, morbidity and mortality rates associated with this disease have not improved in 30 years.  In the U.S. alone, thousands of babies develop NEC each year and hundreds of babies die from this complex intestinal condition. Once diagnosed, many babies only live for a few hours or days, and survivors can have lifelong neurological and nutritional complications. According to the C.D.C., NEC is a leading cause of overall infant mortality in the United States. Despite these statistics, most people never hear of NEC unless they are personally affected. In fact, most families hear the term NEC for the first time only when their baby is already critically ill.

It’s crucial to make both the general public and NICU families aware of NEC. Public awareness will help to increase donations for NEC research. NICU families need to know prevention strategies and warning signs. Establishing a national NEC Awareness Day can help us achieve these goals.

STEP 1: Email Erin at Erin@NECsociety.org to let her know that you are interested in this project. Erin will form a team who will work together on this project.

STEP 2: Once a team is established, Erin will put you in contact to start working together.

STEP 3: The team will research the following:

  • Possible months/days to hold the Awareness Day
  • Colors and logos for the Awareness Day
  • Possible fundraising opportunities tied to the Awareness Day
  • Possible educational events tied to Awareness Day (both for the general public and for NICU families)
  • Strategies for media attention

STEP 4: We will communicate via email or conference call to determine next steps.


Sweet baby Landon

Thank you for supporting our efforts to protect preemies from NEC!
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