Toby Debra Yanowitz, MD, MS

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Research Interests

I am a clinical researcher. Interested in the prevention of NEC. Have some Doppler US data on effects of PRBC transfusion and also involved with multi-institutional Collaborative (CHND)

Current Projects

I am The chair of the Children’s Hospital Neonatal Database working group on Surgical NEC.

Recent Publications

Murthy, Karna; Yanowitz, Toby D; DiGeronimo Robert; Dykes, Francis D; Zaniletti, Isabella; Sharma, Jotisha; Sullivan Kevin M; Mipuri Julie; Evans, Jaqueline R; Wadhawan Rajan; Piazza Anthony; Adams-Chapman Ira; Asselin Jeanette M: Short Billie L; Padula Michael A: Durand David J: Pallotto Jean; Reber Kristina M. Short-Term Outcomes for Preterm Infants with Surgical Necrotizing Enterocolitis. Journal of Perinatology. J Perinatology. 2014 Oct 14; 34: 736-40.