Steven McElroy, M.D.

Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Research Interests

Our long-term goal is to define the essential elements that render preterm infants susceptible to intestinal injury.

Recent Publications

1. Fung CM*, White JR*, Brown AS, Gong H, Weitkamp JH, McElroy SJ. (2016) Intrauterine growth restriction alters mouse intestinal architecture during development. PLoS One. January 8;11(1)e0146542. PMC4706418

2. Elgin TG, Kern SL, McElroy SJ. (2016) Development of the neonatal intestinal microbiome and its association with necrotizing enterocolitis. Clin Therapeutics. Apr;38(4):706-15. PMID:26852144

3. McElroy SJ. The role of bacteria in NEC: Understanding the forest for the trees. Neonatology. 2015;108(3):196-7. PMID 26278707

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