Resources for Families Recently Diagnosed with NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis)

Learning more about NEC can help you to advocate for your baby and make informed decisions. There is no one cause of this disease, and it is not your fault if your baby develops NEC. Learn more about NEC on this page.

Resources for Long-Term NEC Survivors & their Families

Many babies recover from NEC without complications. Some babies recover but may experience long-term health and developmental issues. The NEC community is working to build more resources for families affected by this disease.

Resources for Bereaved Families

If you have lost your beloved child, we offer our deepest condolences. You will always be your baby’s parent. In time, you can learn to carry the weight of your devastating loss. Some resources for bereaved families can be found on this page.

Get Involved with the NEC Society

You can honor your baby (or share your own journey as a survivor) by supporting the NEC Society. Here are some ways you can help to build a world without NEC.

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