Joern-Hendrik Weitkamp, MD

Vanderbilt University, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Research Interests

I am interested in the prenatal events leading to increased susceptibility to NEC. We study the effects of IUGR, chorioamnionitis and other maternal stressors on the developing fetal microbiome and immune system. We hypothesize that prenatal factors may lead to a dysregulated mucosal immune response in the preterm intestine increasing the risk for NEC.

Current Projects

– Immune priming of fetal T cells after chorioamnionitis

– NEC tissue metabolomics

– Fetal microbiome

– Role of innate lymphocytes in the preterm intestine

Recent Publications

Robinson JR, Rellinger EJ, Hatch LD, Weitkamp JH, Speck KE, Danko M, Blakely ML. Surgical Necrotizing Enterocolitis. Semin Perinatol, 41(1):70-79, 2017.

Coggins SA, Weitkamp JH, Grunwald L, Stark AR, Reese JJ, Walsh W, Wynn JL. Heart Rate Characteristic index monitoring for blood stream infection in an NICU: A 3-year experience, Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 101:F329-332, 2016.

Fung CM, White JR, Brown AS, Gong H, Weitkamp JH, Frey MR, McElroy SJ. Intrauterine growth restriction alters mouse intestinal architecture during development, PLoS ONE 1(11):e0146542, 2016.

Wynn JL, Wilson CS, Hawiger J, Scumpia PO, Marshall AF, Liu J-H, Zarkikh I, Wong HR, Lahni P, Benjamin JT, Plosa EJ, Weitkamp JH, Sherwood ER, Moldawer LL, Ungaro R, Baker HV, Lopez MC, McElroy SJ, Colliou N, Mohamadzadeh M, Moore DJ. Targeting IL-17A attenuates neonatal sepsis mortality induced by IL-18, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 113(19):E2627-2635, 2016.

Weitkamp JH, Guthrie SO, Wong HR, Moldawer LL, Baker HV, Wynn JL. Histological chorioamnionitis shapes the neonatal transcriptomic immune response, Early Hum Dev 98:1-6, 2016.

Cohran V, Managlia E, Bradford EM, Goretsky T, Li T, Katzman RB, Cheresh P, Brown JB, Hawkins J, Liu SXL, DePlaen IG, Weitkamp JH, Helmrath M, Zhang Z, Barrett TA. Epithelial Pik3r1 (p85) and TP53 regulate survivin expression during adaptation to ileocecal resection, Am J Pathol 186:1837-1846, 2016.

Romano-Keeler J, Weitkamp JH. Maternal influences on fetal microbial colonization and immune development. Pediatr Res 77(1-2):189-195, 2015. PMCID: PMC4289016. Coggins S, Wynn, J, Weitkamp JH. Infectious causes for necrotizing enterocolitis. Clin Perinatol, 42(1):133-154, 2015.

Wynn JL, Scumpia PO, Stocks BT, Romano-Keeler J, Alrifai MW, Liu JH, Kim AS, Alford CE, Matta P, Weitkamp JH, Moore DJ. Neonatal CD71+ erythroid cells do not modify murine sepsis mortality, J Immunol 95(3):1064-1070, 2015.





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