NEC Society Welcomes Development Director!

The NEC Society is thrilled to welcome Julia Goldstein as our Development Director. Julia has over 20 years of professional fundraising experience in the nonprofit sector, as well as a deeply personal appreciation for the power of giving. Julia was born in the then-Soviet Union, and as a child, she and her family were granted political refugee status and resettled in New York in 1989. Julia remains deeply indebted to the advocates and philanthropists who worked for her family’s release from the Soviet Union and for the generous support provided by a multitude of organizations and agencies before, during, and after her family’s three-month journey to the United States.

Julia’s career includes working to advance research on ovarian cancer, sustaining vital support services for survivors of the Holocaust, and providing financial assistance and counseling to foster youth attending college in Colorado. Julia earned her Bachelor of Arts in History at Hofstra University and lives in Lafayette, CO, with her husband, Jeremy, and their kids, Cooper and Hudson.

Julia shares, “The determination of the incredible NEC Society team to make progress for the babies at risk of this devastating illness, and the families who live with the life-altering effects, is inspirational, and I’m honored to be a part of this urgent work.”

Being a member of a small community whose lives were transformed by tireless advocacy and generosity, I have firsthand experience and understanding of what is possible with a committed and passionate community. It is a privilege to be a part of the NEC Society’s work on behalf of babies, survivors, and families who find themselves facing this disease at what should be the most joyful times in their lives.”

As the NEC Society’s Development Director, Julia will work hand-in-hand with the full team to ensure the organization has the support and financial sustainability to continually expand our reach and impact. Jennifer Canvasser, founder and executive director, shares, “Julia’s expertise, dedication to our cause, and utmost care for our community are unparalleled. With her leadership, I know the NEC Society will be well-positioned to provide more resources for patient-families and advance the research, education, and advocacy that is essential to building a world without NEC. It is an honor and privilege to welcome Julia to our team!

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a devastating intestinal disease that affects vulnerable infants during their first weeks and months of life. The NEC Society was established in 2014 and brings together patient-families, clinicians, scientists, and other diverse stakeholders to build a world without NEC. Learn more and get involved by clicking here.

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