NICU Parents Need Access to Information About Probiotics

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released its statement on probiotic use in preterm infants at risk of necrotizing enterocolitis. The NEC Society appreciates the AAP’s thoughtful review and efforts. The NEC Society has also published a statement regarding probiotics: “Probiotics & NEC: Family-Clinician Communication is Key”.

As a patient-led organization committed to building a world without NEC, it is essential for us to articulate that parents need, want, and deserve access to information about the risk and protective factors associated with probiotics – regardless of whether a NICU chooses to use probiotics for their preterm infant patients at risk of NEC.

The NEC Society strongly encourages hospitals and physicians to openly provide and share information with parents.

Parents need this information to be their child’s advocate, to contribute as informed members of their child’s care team, to participate in shared decision-making, and to help ensure their child’s health outcomes are optimized.

Our probiotics infographic, created in partnership with, is available in English, Spanish, and Russian here

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