NEC Awareness Day (May 17)

Please help us raise awareness and funds to build a world without necrotizing enterocolitis!

World NEC Awareness Day is May 17. 

NEC is a devastating intestinal disease that affects vulnerable infants during their first weeks and months of life. Up to 50% of the babies who get NEC will die, and survivors often face life-long health challenges. Yet, few people have even heard of the disease.

We’re inviting families who have been impacted by NEC, as well as clinicians, researchers, and other stakeholders dedicated to preventing NEC to show us – in photos and stories – what NEC looks like and what they’re doing to build a world without NEC. 

Let’s elevate the conversation around NEC and expose the scars, the trauma, and the stillness that come after a NEC diagnosis. Our goal is to empower families and stakeholders to join the international community that’s working to build a world without NEC.

In honor of #NECday on May 17, please show us how NEC has impacted your life and consider making a donation to support the NEC Society’s work. Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, and use the hashtags: #preventNEC #NECday

Here’s how you can get involved: 

Do you have more ideas or suggestions on how the NEC Society can better serve our community? If so, please email! We’d love to hear from you! 

#NECday #preventNEC 

NEC Day Twitter 2020

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