NEC Society Launches Research Project on Long-Term Outcomes of NEC

We are grateful to our patient-family community who helped to build and launch this research project, and who took the time to respond by sharing their family’s personal experience with NEC. This project seeks to understand how NEC affects children, families, and young adult NEC survivors, years after their original NEC diagnosis. 

The recording and slides from the NEC Society’s webinar on the Long Term Outcomes of NEC are available. 

The recording of Jennifer Canvasser’s presentation of this research project is available here.

Stay tuned and check back soon for more updates!

We are grateful to the team who helped to make this research project possible! Thank you for sharing your experiences, expertise, and insight!

This research study is being led by Jennifer Canvasser MSW from the NEC Society and James Harrison PhD from the Department of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. If you have questions regarding this survey, please email Thank you!

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