Learning to Live After Loss

Melissa Dlugolecki and Jennifer Canvasser share a love for running, healthy lifestyles, and green smoothies. But, unfortunately, that’s not what brought them together. Melissa and Jennifer each lost a child to necrotizing enterocolitis, and their children, Leyden and Micah, brought the two mothers together years after their little bodies left this Earth.

Melissa’s daughter, Leyden

Since Melissa lost Leyden in 2014, she has refocused her life’s work by spreading Leyden’s light and channeling her grief in a meaningful way. Hosting her Podcast titled, Grief, Guts, and Green Smoothies is just one of the many ways Melissa honors Leyden.

Melissa invited Jennifer on to her Podcast to explore the rawness of child loss and strategies to channel grief that lasts a lifetime. The episode is available by clicking here.

Jennifer’s son, Micah

“Bereaved mother, Jennifer Canvasser, lost her son just before his first birthday to complications of necrotizing enterocolitis. On Episode 25 of Grief, Guts, and Green Smoothies, Jenn shares how she navigated the intensity of grief, transformed much of the energy into founding an international organization, the NEC Society, and is bringing awareness to people worldwide about this disease that no one talks about, but that kills babies every single day. And, she offers powerful advice for anyone experiencing grief.”

Check out the podcast and let us know what you think.

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