NEC Society’s 2018 Top 10 Achievements

Throughout 2018, the NEC Society has been inspired and energized by the families, clinicians and researchers who are committed to improving outcomes and preventing necrotizing enterocolitis. With support from our generous community, here are our proudest accomplishments for 2018: Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.39.12 PM

1. Seminars in Pediatric Surgery – the February 2018 issue is an open access review of North America’s first NEC meeting. The publication was authored by NEC Symposium faculty, including patient-families.

2. Mapping donor milk – the NEC Society has created the first comprehensive map illustrating which neonatal intensive care units and children’s hospitals are using donor milk for their most vulnerable infants, when mothers own milk is unavailable.

3. Launch of the NEC Biorepository – led by Dr. Misty Good, scientific advisor for the NEC Society, the Biorepository’s ultimate goal is to develop a biomarker or genetic test to predict a baby’s risk of developing the disease, and then offer preventive strategies against it.

4. PCORI Engagement Award – the NEC Society received its second engagement award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. This award will support the NEC Symposium, held at the University of Michigan, June 2 – 5, 2019. NEC_Symposium_2019_Slide

5. Registration is open for the NEC Symposium – the NEC Society, in partnership with the Section of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Michigan, with support from PCORI, has opened registration for the NEC Symposium in Ann Arbor. Register now

6. Video: NEC Prevention Through Collaboration – with support from the University of Arizona’s NEC-Zero project, and in collaboration with the UC Davis Children’s Hospital, the NEC Society produced a short video that aims to inspire providers and patient-families in the NICU to partner in their effort to reduce the risks of NEC and improve outcomes for babies.

7. May 17th: International NEC Awareness Day – NEC Awareness Day WordPressin collaboration with Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros, the Special Interest Group in Necrotizing Enterocolitis, and other partners around the world, the NEC Society established every May 17th as World #NECday.

8. Marathon Runners Raised over $6,500 – 19 runners completed the California International Marathon in honor of nearly 50 babies impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis and raised over $6,500 to further the NEC Society’s mission of improving outcomes for babies at risk of NEC.

9. Blogging on NEC Prevention & Awareness – in 2018 the NEC Society published 30 blogs, authored by patient-families, clinicians and researchers, focused on raising awareness, driving research and preventing necrotizing enterocolitis.

10. Featured in NOVA PBS: NEC and Probiotics – the NEC Society’s advisors and director were featured in the NOVA PBS story, “Can Probiotics Prevent Deadly Infections in Preemies?”

We are grateful to everyone who makes this work possible. For the interactive, hyperlinked 2018 infographic, click here.

To help the NEC Society do even more in 2019, please click here to donate.

The NEC Society wishes you a
peaceful holiday season and new year! 


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