Marathon Runners Raise Funds for NEC Society

The NEC Society has built a team of runners that will run the California International Marathon (CIM) in honor of babies affected by necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). The 26.2 mile race will raise awareness and funds for the NEC Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving outcomes for babies at risk of NEC, a devastating intestinal disease. NEC affects vulnerable infants during their first weeks and months of life.

Each mile will be dedicated to a baby impacted by NEC. On race day, our NEC CIM runners will wear bracelets that carry the names of 26 babies impacted by NEC. The dedicated miles will honor families, as well as inspire runners with strength and perseverance.

You can cheer on our CIM team by making a donation here.

The NEC Society, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Davis, was founded by Jennifer Canvasser who lost her son Micah to necrotizing enterocolitis. Micah and his twin brother Zachary were born at 27-weeks gestation, placing them at high risk for developing NEC. The twins weighed just over two pounds each when they were born. Today, Zachary often asks questions like, “Why didn’t I get necrotizing enterocolitis like Micah?” and “How can we make necrotizing enterocolitis go away forever?” The NEC Society’s team of researchers is looking for answers to Zachary’s questions.

Jennifer shares, “Most people learn about NEC for the first time in the neonatal intensive care unit, when their child is being diagnosed. We’re working to change this narrative so that we can raise awareness to garner resources and advance research.”

The NEC Society is the world’s leading charity focused on necrotizing enterocolitis. The NEC Society brings together patient-families, clinicians, scientists, and other diverse stakeholders who are committed to building a world without NEC. To learn more visit

Thank you to our runners from the NEC Society, UC Davis Children’s Hospital, Move. and Evolve Biosystems who will run CIM in honor of children impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis!

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