Marathon Runners Raise Funds for NEC Society

The NEC Society has built a team of 19 runners to run the California International Marathon (CIM) in honor of babies impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)! The 26.2 mile race will raise awareness and funds for the NEC Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving outcomes for babies at risk of NEC, a devastating intestinal disease.

Each mile will be dedicated to a baby impacted by NEC. On race day, our NEC CIM runners will wear bracelets that carry the names of 26 babies impacted by NEC. The dedicated miles will honor families, as well as inspire runners with strength and perseverance.

Here are the bracelets we’ll wear on race day – each one will represent a baby impacted by NEC. 

We’ll dedicate each marathon mile to a child impacted by NEC.

Funds raised through the NEC CIM Running Team campaign will support the NEC Society’s Mapping Donor Milk project, which will build a comprehensive map of hospitals in the US that offer donor milk for medically fragile infants at risk of NEC. The goal of the Mapping Donor Milk project is to empower patient-families, clinicians, nonprofits, and policymakers with information that can help to improve outcomes for babies at risk of necrotizing enterocolitis. While mothers own milk (MOM) provides the most protective benefits to medically fragile infants at risk of NEC, pasteurized donor milk is the next best option when MOM is not available.

The California International Marathon will take place on Sunday, December 2nd. Our runners will begin in Folsom, CA and cross the finish line 26.2 miles later in Sacramento, CA. Jennifer Canvasser, the founder and director of the NEC Society, will also run the 2019 Boston Marathon in honor of babies impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis.

Thank you to our runners from the NEC Society, UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Evolve Biosystems who will run 26.2 miles in honor of these children impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis: 

  • Lucas Philip Isaac Russo
  • Orrin
  • Adam & Peter
  • Genevieve Gilker
  • Peyton Smith
  • Leighton Christine Roberts
  • Jaxon Roscoe
  • James Cash
  • Emmett Braxton Higgins
  • Colten
  • Myles
  • Tom
  • Mighty Jax
  • Ada & Wren
  • Essa
  • Liam
  • Guy
  • Wit Linsky
  • Kylie
  • Michael Noah Propst
  • Grayson price
  • Everleigh Violet Lorraine Pugh
  • Vincent Thomas
  • Lydia and Carol
  • Amia Rose
  • Ryleigh Pate
  • Vivian
  • Lyida
  • Claire
  • Serenity Rose Rabidue
  • Micah
  • Sarah Rose
  • Colt Benedict
  • Alessandra “peanut” Lopena
  • Bennett and Connor
  • Shannon and Erin
  • Zachary
  • Caroline
  • Elijah
  • Henry

To see coverage from the NEC Society’s participation in the 2017 California International Marathon, visit:

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Dedicated bracelets from the 2017 Marathon

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