Musical Notes for NEC

The NEC Society recently featured Linseigh Green’s story, a 20 year-old survivor of necrotizing enterocolitis. Linseigh is a talented singer and wants to use her voice to raise awareness of NEC and funds for the NEC Society’s efforts!

Image-2Linseigh Green has launched Musical Notes for NEC! 

Here’s how it works:

1. Donate to the NEC Society (suggested donation is $25)

2. Submit three song choices by emailing

3. Linseigh will sing one of your three songs in a dedicated video for you!

4. The dedicated video will be shared on the NEC Society’s social media pages.

In addition to supporting the NEC Society’s projects, the Musical Notes for NEC will raise awareness of this devastating disease. Most people never hear “necrotizing enterocolitis” until their child is being diagnosed. Musical Notes for NEC wants to change this!

Every time someone sees this “human jukebox” dedicated video, they’ll briefly learn about NEC!

You’re welcome to choose a song that reminds you of your baby, a song that radiates strength, or any song you’d like! Linseigh is a talented vocalist trained in musical theatre and classical. Linseigh can also sing jazz, Disney, year-round or Christmas (for any carol fanatics out there)!

The NEC Society and Linseigh Green are thrilled to partner together on this exciting project! Help us to make this project successful by donating and requesting a song!

Meet Linseigh and check out the very first dedicated video!

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.48.50 PM



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