Moby® Wrap Giveaway for your NICU!

The 2016 Miracle Milk Stroll was a HUGE success, taking place in over 100 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, garnering media attention, and raising thousands of dollars to increase fragile infants’ access to human milk! Several mothers at the Miracle Milk Strolls even donated their own milk to their local HMBANA milk banks that will help to prevent necrotizing enterocolitis in the NICU. The NEC Society is honored to team up with the Best for Babes Foundation and our Miracle Milk Stroll partners and sponsors.

We are thrilled to share that the NEC Society has two Moby® Wrap carriers to give away to two NICUs! Moby® is a generous supporter of the Miracle Milk Stroll because they understand the critical importance of human milk, kangaroo care and babywearing for fragile infants. Babywearing is an incredible tool for NICU families to nurture and care for their fragile infants. The NEC Society is thrilled to help bring babywearing into two lucky NICUs!

It’s easy to enter a NICU into the Moby® Wrap giveaway drawing:

1. “Like” the NEC Society on Facebook

2. Leave your NICU’s name in the Moby® Wrap giveaway Facebook post comments section. Please, only one nomination per person, but a NICU may be nominated and entered into the drawing multiple times by different people.

3. TWO winning NICUs will be drawn at random on June 11th. 

4. We will ship the Moby® Wrap to each NICU and allow the NICU to select the specific NICU family who will receive the carrier. The NEC Society hopes to send a babywearing specialist out to the two chosen NICUs to support the NICU family in learning how to wrap and wear their fragile infant, when/if the family is ready. 

Here’s the beautiful Moby® Wrap, with the Miracle Milk Stroll logo included on the tail of the carrier! Please visit our Facebook page and enter your favorite NICU!

We are grateful to the Best for Babes FoundationMoby® and all of our Miracle Milk Stroll participants for making this giveaway possible. #miraclemilk #wearallthebabies #preventNECnow



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