Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Schinkel

Beth SchinkelMy name is Beth Schinkel I am a NICU nurse and Registered Dietitian. My first experience with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) was very early in my nursing career. I took care of an extremely premature baby in the NICU who seemed to be thriving then one night during a shift he developed NEC totalis and passed away. He taught me how precious every moment is for babies and their families. I think of him and other babies like him often. My passion for helping babies has led me, with other neonatal nutrition researchers, to search for ways to improve nutrition for babies in NICUs to prevent NEC. Currently we are testing a device that removes small amounts of water from mother’s milk without heat or pressure so cow milk fortifiers can be eliminated in premature babies feedings and babies may receive nutrient rich, pure mother’s milk feedings.

The NEC Society is so grateful for our wonderful volunteers like Beth. If you would like to donate your time or talents to protect preemies, you can volunteer here.

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