Moby Wrap Giveaway!

The NEC Society is proud to continually partner with the Best for Babes Foundation to protect fragile infants from the devastating impacts of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) through the use of human milk (i.e. Miracle Milk!). Human milk can reduce the risks of NEC by nearly 80%! The NEC Society is honored to team up with the Best for Babes Foundation on our Miracle Milk Strolls, which raise awareness, funds, and human milk donations to help protect fragile babies from NEC.

DSC_1064 - Version 2

Jennifer wearing baby Micah in the NICU

In addition to our shared passion for human milk, the NEC Society and Best for Babes Foundation know how important it is for fragile infants to be close to their parents. Babywearing is an excellent way to keep parents with their babies, and provides countless benefits.

Recently, the Best for Babes Foundation donated a new Moby Wrap to the NEC Society to give away to a former or current NICU family. We are thrilled to gift this carrier to a family who can use it to nurture their sweet little one.

If you’d like us to gift this Moby Wrap to YOU, then read on!

We will randomly draw a name on July 15, 2015 at 8pm PST from the list of individuals who meet and agree to these five conditions:

  1. The individual must “Like” the NEC Society Facebook page and the Best for Babes Facebook page 

    DSC_7366 (1)

    Here’s the actual Moby Wrap that will be given to a former/current NICU family!

  2. The individual must comment with “#preventNECnow” on the Moby Wrap Giveaway! Facebook post by or before July 15, 2015 7:45pm PST, to be entered into the drawing (if you write a comment, but do not include “#preventNECnow” you will not be entered into the drawing).
  3. The individual must be a parent of a baby who spent time in the NICU
  4. The individual must be willing to briefly share their NICU story with us and allow us to share their story on the NEC Society website and Facebook/Twitter pages.
  5. The individual must not ever sell the Moby Wrap. If/when the individual no longer wants the carrier, they agree to give it away to another NICU family or return it to the NEC Society so we can give it away to another NICU family.

Deepest thanks to the Best for Babes Foundation for making this giveaway possible!

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