The NEC Society’s Vision: Together We Can Create a World Without NEC

DSC_3232The NEC Society is a non-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) by bringing together NEC families, researchers, and clinicians, with community stakeholders, legislators, as well as other individuals and businesses, concerned about premature and medically fragile babies. Behind the NEC Society are thousands of families from around the world who have been impacted by necrotizing enterocolitis.

The NEC Society fosters a close partnership between NEC families and clinicians dedicated to raising awareness, empowering NICU families, and urging NICUs to implement practices that best reduce the risks of NEC, including the prioritization of human milk.

The NEC Society is well-known and respected in the neonatal field around the world, as it strives to reduce the risks of NEC by engaging families, clinicians, and researchers. The NEC Society works on a national scale, and maintains a strong global and local presence.

There are NEC Activists in all 50 states, with deep, personal connections to local NICUs, which fosters the NEC Society’s ability to build its base and effectively implement key strategies. Families impacted (or at risk of being impacted) by NEC are given a voice and a meaningful opportunity to give back to the NICU community. 
The leaders within the NEC Society regularly attend and present at esteemed conferences across the country.

The NEC Society hosts bi-annual nationally attended Symposiums focused on NEC in premature and fragile infants. Accordingly, these efforts have resulted in increased funding, awareness, and attention to the prevention, and early intervention, of necrotizing enterocolitis.

DSC_3400The NEC Society is grateful for its diverse funding base from grants, philanthropic foundations and individuals, and various fundraising activities. The significance of the NEC Society’s mission is deepened as the organization constantly highlights, honors, and celebrates infants and families who have been impacted by NEC.

The NEC Society believes that healthy babies need a healthy planet. Minimizing the use of materials and waste, and making safer, healthier choices are fundamental to the NEC Society.

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